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Co-Workers Scared After Clerk's Murder



    Co-Workers Scared After Clerk's Murder

    The Trax Food store where Mustafa Shakur was killed closed for the day and his co-workers spent the day cleaning, showing us marks on the wall where bullets ricocheted. They say going back to work won't be easy. (Published Friday, May 27, 2011)

    The Fishtown convenience store where Mostafa Shakur was shot and killed on Thursday, closed for the day.

    Co-worker Angela Fanelli found bullet marks in the wall as she cleaned.

    "We have a gunshot here, well, it ricocheted here, up there and hit the slicer here."

    Shakur, a husband and father, was shot in the head while working the overnight shift at Trax Foods near Front and Girard. The crime was caught on tape and police released that video and asked the public to help catch the killers.

    Surveillance Video Released in Clerk's Murder

    [PHI] Surveillance Video Released in Clerk's Murder
    Surveillance video shows the suspects in the murder of a store clerk in Philadelphia's West Kensington. The victim, Mustafa Shakur, was also a peace activist in the neighborhood.
    (Published Friday, May 27, 2011)

    "It appears they didn't get away with a dime, not with anything," said Philadelphia Police Cpt. James Clark.

    The surveillance video shows the men coming into the store and demanding money. Shakur refused to cooperate, police say. The gunmen tried to steal the cash register but couldn't. Before leaving, one of the men shot Shakur in the head.

    "I hope somebody has the heart to turn them in cause they really do know who they are out there," Fanelli said. She and other co-workers say going back to work won't be easy.

    "I'm afraid for my life, yes, I'm afraid to work alone like I've been working."

    Shakur, 50, came to Philadelphia from Egypt. He'd worked at the store for about eight months.

    "It shouldn't have had to end the way it did," Fanelli said.

    "If someone comes in your store and wants something give it to them! I'll give u anything, gift wrap it for you I'll even take it out to your car but it ain't worth my life."