Bucks County

Burglars Steal TV, Laptops, Cash from Bucks County Homes

Falls Township Police are on the look out for burglars who broke into multiple homes and stole cash and electronics in Bucks County early Saturday morning, all while people were sleeping inside. 

Police believe more than one person broke into rear windows of homes located on Simons Drive in Morrisville overnight. Among the wallets, cash, cell phones and laptop computers stolen was a 55" screen TV that was mounted to a wall. 

Resident John Mason and his neighbors woke up to investigators asking if anyone saw the burglars going in through back windows.

"It makes you nervous," Mason said. "I would think it was professionals and more than one person because there's four houses that were hit ... They'd have to do it pretty quick and go."

Police say the thieves also tried breaking into homes on another nearby street but were not able to find any unlocked windows. Neighbor David Bowers believes they skipped his home because he was right in their path.

"I was sleeping on the couch, right by the back door," said Bowers. "I think we're going to be a lot more careful now."

The Falls Township police department is asking people to be vigilant, lock every possible entryway, and call in any suspicious activity to police.

Anyone with information on the thefts can contact Detective Matt Tomcho at 215-949-9100

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