Boys Ambushed and Shot 5 Men Along North Philadelphia Street, Commissioner Says

Three boys were waiting in an alleyway for the men to walk by; when they did, the boys opened fire, the police commissioner said

What to Know

  • A trio of boys ambushed a group of men in North Philadelphia on Friday evening, police said. The confrontation ended with five men shot.
  • The shooters are no older than 15 years old, police believe. They used surveillance video to make that determination.
  • The victims range in age from 25 to 32 with varying severity of injuries. One man was shot in the head.

Five men were ambushed and shot along a North Philadelphia street on Friday evening and police believe the shooters are no older than 15 years old.

The shooting happened around 5:30 p.m. along N. Croskey Street near Berks Street. Police initially said two people were shot, but the number of victims quickly surged to five.

The victims range in age from 25 to 32 years old. Some were struck once by bullets, while one 26-year-old was shot in the back of his head and twice in the wrist, police said. That victim remains in the critical condition. The others were listed in stable condition.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the victims were walking in a group of 10 people down the block when three armed boys walked out of an alleyway and began firing. The shooting and aftermath was captured on surveillance video.

"The sad part about this is, the video, it appears to everybody that viewed it that [the shooters] are no more than 15 years old. Very, very young," Ross said. 

"They were obviously waiting for them," he added.

All of the victims were taken to Temple University Hospital for treatment. Two were listed in stable condition while the condition of the others was unknown.

Police have not released the surveillance video or a description of the suspects other than their purported ages.

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