13-Year-Old NJ Student Publishes Novel

The Kingsways Middle School student started writing the 136-page novel in 2010

Kingston Middle School student Rachael Kelley can already add published author to her resume. Not bad for a 13-year-old.

The saxophone-playing seventh grader took her passion for writing creative stories and developed a 136-page novel, that is now available for purchase.

Entitled “Cloud Bound,” Rachael says the novel is about, “A girl who has a prophecy and has to travel around the world to find a jewel so everyone’s memory is saved,” according to NJ.com.

The middle-schooler says she got the idea to write a book when a friend in Ohio said he was writing a story. 

Her mother, Michelle Kelley, describes Rachael as very creative and says she’s not surprised her daughter would start a project like this, according to NJ.com.

With some help from her parents Rachael worked on editing the novel for a full year.

They then sent the manuscript to the Library of Congress for official copyright registration. 

Today, digital copies are available through Amazon.com and iTunes and paperback versions are selling for $9.

But Rachael’s not stopping; she says she has already started another story.

“I want to make my mark on the world,” she told NJ.com.

Copies of Rachael’s novel “Cloud Bound” can be ordered by emailing her father Kevin at coachkjkelley@gmail.com.

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