There's A Lot Wrong With This Picture…

Face it. Your thighs are pasty white and as much as you want to whip out the summer dresses, skirts or shorts down the shore, you’re worried about blinding those around you with your bright whites.

But, how do you get some color without damaging your skin from the sun’s rays? Spray tan, baby. It looks natural (or at least better than the pale skin you got going on now), it’s quick and it lasts about a week. 

So, Philadelphia Magazine put together some tips on how to get the most out of your spray tan. 

  • Shower, shave an exfoliate prior to getting sprayed.  This will ensure a more even look.
  • Don’t use a moisturizer before your trip to the tanning salon. The tan won’t stick!
  • Wear dark clothes to the salon, so you don’t stain light color clothing.
  • Wait eight hours after your spray tan before showering!

And now if you’re wondering where to go for that fake-yet-great bronze look, there are several places you can try (and it won’t leave you completely broke!).

Philadelphia Magazine recommends Old City Tans in Philadelphia for a Mystic tan spray tan.  For $30, a technician will spray you down giving you a customized glow.

Hollywood Tans is also price effective with Instant Tan.  They offer booths, powered by Mystic Tan, which prompts you with directions and sprays you down for $22.

For you Jersey folk, Healthy Tans in Deptford, N.J. offers an airbrush tan for $32. The products are organic and natural, too.

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