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Weddings Broken Up By New Jersey Cops Because of Coronavirus Rules

Cops in Lakewood cited the coronavirus ban on public gatherings for forcings two weddings to disperse

Michael Harlan Turkell

Is it good luck for your marriage if your wedding is broken up by law enforcement?

Two weddings in Lakewood, New Jersey, were forced to end prematurely due to New Jersey's ban on public gatherings during the coronavirus outbreak, local police said.

"We did respond to two weddings last evening. One on Vassar Avenue just before 8 p.m. and the other on Oak Street shortly after 8 p.m.," Lakewood police Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith said in a statement Tuesday. "Upon arrival, the Officers advised the staff that they cannot host gatherings of more than 50 people. The staff and attendees dispersed without incident."

New Jersey added 91 additional cases of the new coronavirus to its tally on Tuesday as the deadly virus continues to spread in the Garden State. That brings the total cases statewide to 269.

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