UEatCheap Matches Food with Frugality

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Company Name: UEatCheap

20-word Description: UEatCheap is a interactive website which helps you find places to eat for $10 or less.

CEO’s Pitch: Whether traveling or moving to a new city, or going away for college, it is difficult to find great local places to eat for cheap. At UEatCheap, our goal is to empower individuals to find great places to eat for $10 or less. We are dedicated to mapping the location of all inexpensive restaurants.

UEatCheap is searchable by city, zip code, and restaurant type. Additionally, we provide users the ability to add new restaurants, as well as rate and review restaurants.

Mashable’s Take: The learning curve for UEatCheap is virtually nonexistent. Simple, fast, and easy are all part and parcel of the alpha’s design, and its reach across an international spectrum of foods is hugely useful. Greek? French? Asian? Korean? Thai? All have their own pin color, and if you’re anywhere near a relatively big city - particularly Boston, Chicago, D.C., New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other major metropolises, the results are plentiful.

You can drag your way around the Google Map embed if you wish, to get a wider view of a chosen area. The results can also be modified according to options in the left-hand menu after you make your initial search. You can focus on a spot as specific as a half-mile in radius, or take a peek at what’s available within 10 miles of a given location. Again, this is all self-explanatory once you give it a try first-hand.

Visually speaking, there isn’t anything especially impressive about UEatCheap. It’s quite sparse, apart from the essential items and a few ads. (The front page, in addition to the main search box, also offers the option to subscribe to the “best deals and ideals” via email. Users who wish to contribute to the resource can sign up for an account in order to build upon the existing restaurant database and write reviews.) But such a basic construction can only be to its benefit. The purpose of such a project is to do one thing and do it well. As a service not yet in beta, even, UEatCheap has aptly managed the task. It’s certainly worth a bookmark.

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