The LinkedIn Hacks This Gen Z Corporate TikToker Swears by to Stand Out in the Job Search

Corporate Natalie

LinkedIn has become a favorite for Gen-Zers looking to find new careers, network with recruiters and stay in the loop with their peers. Most LinkedIn profiles have the basic essentials: a headshot, personal bio and job history. But there are some ways young talent can step it up a notch.

According to Corporate Natalie, a 25-year-old TikTok star known for her relatable, corporate humor, LinkedIn helped her find her full-time tech job during the pandemic when in-person networking was at a standstill. 

"I was working from the Chicago office of my consulting firm in San Francisco and there was no real talk between the two branches," she shared with CNBC Make It. "So I had to network with people in San Francisco, and I was able to get that job through DM-ing and following people on LinkedIn."

In addition to networking, Natalie, who's worked in tech for the last three years and only goes by her first name publicly, says she made her profile stand out by posting video content and taking advantage of LinkedIn.

Showcase your personality

It's one thing to post your resume with your skills and qualifications, or post pictures of you on the job. But having video content on your profile can give others a glimpse into your personality, interests, and work ethic.

"I think the world is changing and a traditional resume is cool, and obviously, you need to have a resume. But showing your personality, being active on social media and having video content just goes a long way."

Some potential video content ideas include:

  1. A Q&A video showcasing your knowledge on topics relevant to your field
  2. A day in the life video detailing what you do during a productive work day
  3. A reel with your recent professional accomplishments 
  4. Updates on something you've been working hard on

Natalie says she's even had several friends take the initiative to submit "video interviews" to people online without them asking, explaining why they'd be a great fit for certain roles. She says one of her friends' videos even helped him snag a job at GoPuff.

Leverage 'LinkedIn Learning'

In 2016, LinkedIn launched their online learning platform, LinkedIn Learning, which allows individuals and organizations to reach professional goals through "expert led" courses for a monthly fee.

Natalie says that these courses are a great opportunity for emerging professionals to build their profile.

"You can show that, maybe I don't have these tangible skills of working for five years. But I do have this course that I've taken that shows I'm trying to learn and grow."

LinkedIn's courses range from hands-on skills to professional development. After completing a course, be sure to share what you learned on your profile to demonstrate your willingness to learn and self-starter attitude. 

 Natalie also recommends that recent graduates take advantage of other LinkedIn resources, like the "2022 Guide to Kickstarting Your Career," which is free of charge and still packed with information you could find valuable on your career journey.

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