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Sarah Palin: TV's Newest Chopper Mom



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    Sarah Palin helps the chopper crew build a bike to honor Alaska's 50-year anniversary.

    This moose-hunting hockey mom is out to prove she's a also a motorcycle-loving mama.

    Gov. Sarah Palin will appear on an episode of TLC's "American Chopper" tonight in which the former vice presidential candidate appears along side the bike-building guru behind Orange County Choppers.

    The chopper crew wants to build a bike to honor Alaska's 50-year anniversary as a state. Star Paul Teutul Sr. recently paid Palin a visit in Anchorage as part of his clan's research efforts.

    "It means so much to the state of Alaska that these guys are building this bike that will honor statehood here," Palin said in the episode, according to People.

    Paul Sr. chats about snowmobiling and fishing with the former veep candidate on a couch with a bear-skin throw in her office -- she even invited the crew back to Alaska for the summer.

    "We'll ride the bike to the fishing hole!" Palin said.

    Paul Sr. said the governor was "a real down-to-earth person to talk to."