Fumo Could Die in Prison

His attorneys are arguing for a lighter sentence

Vince Fumo will die in prison if the feds get their way. That's the spin from his attorneys, anyway. They're in court Wednesday arguing to get the sentencing guidelines changed for the former state senator's fraud convictions.

Right now, for his 137 guilty counts of conspiracy, fraud, obstructing justice, and tax violations, sentencing guidelines call for 10 to 27 years. Fumo is 66 and his lawyers say he's battling heart problems, diabetes and other health woes.

The government says Fumo's health problems are hardly exceptional and can be managed in prison. Prosecutors say the Philadelphia Democrat just got engaged and seems to be living a pretty normal life socializing with family and friends. If he can do that, he can do 20 years in federal prison. That's their position.

Fumo will be formally sentenced next week. Fumo's lawyers will argue in Wednesday's pre-sentencing hearing that the state's probation department mis-calculated when it came up with the sentencing guidelines. That the technical side of things. On the humasn side, they'll argue that Fumo should get special consideration for his long and dedicated career as a public servant and his poor health.


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