The Snowman That Won't Melt

Maybe "balloon man" would be more accurate

It wouldn't be winter without snow. And it really wouldn't be winter without a friendly snowman on display.

But what about a snowman made out of balloons?

Well, on the bright side, this Frosty will never melt. But on the not-so-bright side, what if he pops?

We'll let the Independence Visitor Center worry about that one and for the month of December, we can enjoy the 12-foot tall snowman full of hot air.

Balloon master Joshua Steinhouse will do the honors on Saturday, Nov. 28 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Entry to the event is free.

The Visitor Center isn't just celebrating their balloon creation, though. They're kicking off the holiday season so take advantage of some of the great things they're doing for the community throughout December -- include free holiday gift wrapping, a coat drive and free holiday concerts.

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