Shrimp and Mango Skewers

Courtesy of Chef Terrell Allen


1 1/2lb - 2lb of Med. Shrimp

1lb of Spinach

2 Tbsp of Garlic

2 Ripe Mangos

5 Tbsp of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

2 Tbsp of Butter

1 Tbsp of Tandoori Spice

1 Tbsp of Coriander

1 Tbsp of Cumin

1 tsp of Sirachi (from jane: i think correct spelling is sriracha))

2 Tbsp of Water

Salt and Pepper to taste

Decorative Toothpicks




Under cold water wash, peel and devein shrimp. Set shrimps to the the side and drain excess water off. Heat large skillet with 3 Tbsp of EVOO and 1 Tbsp of butter. Place shrimp in a mixing bowl and season with spices. Add shrimp to the heated skillet and saute until they have fully cooked about 5-7 minutes. NOTE: you'll know the shrimp are done once they turn pink. Add 1 tsp of sirachi at the end and stir gently incorporating it with the shrimp. Next heat a medium skillet with 2 Tbsp of EVOO and 1 Tbsp of butter; add 2 Tbsp of water and the 2 Tbsp of garlic after the butter has melted simmer for 2-4 minutes. Add the spinach and cook for an additional 5-7 minutes until the spinach is tender. Cut mango into chunks. Once the shrimp and the spinach have finished cooking put them to the side to drain the excess juices off.


Mini-Skewer construction:

Take shrimp and slide it on the toothpick with the tail facing up making sure to just pierce the body of the shrimp and not the tail. Take some spinach (as much as you'd like) and wrap it around the toothpick above the pierced portion of the shrimp. Lastly add the mango chunk to the base of the toothpick allowing the skewer to stand freely. Repeat steps until all the shrimp have been used.

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