Quit Lying Around on Your Couch, Watching Movies

Go watch movies 'em else this weekend.

The 18 1/2 Philadelphia Film Festival is halfway done, which means that you really need to get on the ball already, honey.

Thursday night's opening film was "Law Abiding Citizen" -- shot in Philly earlier this year with Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler.

Sure, you missed your chance there, but nearly 40 flicks share screentime through Monday. Notable goodies: the Chris Rock documentary "Good Hair," Lars von Trier's terrifyingly creepy "Antichrist" and quirkfest "Dear Lemon Lima," about a typically outcast girl navigating the waters of adolescence and Alaska in a film that's part "Juno," part "Napoleon Dynamite" and all gorgeous.

The fest runs through Monday; tickets are $10 to 20.

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