Road Sign Spelling Error Costs $1,200

Two letters in the wrong place are costing an area transportation agency hundreds of dollars.

A misspelled road sign in Lancaster County has led to plenty of laughs from drivers and plenty of dollars from PennDOT.

The brand new sign, on Route 322 South, reads “Epharta” when it should read “Ephrata,” the name of the borough.

“Holy cow!” said Sandy Diem while laughing. “Wow, that’s a big mistake!”

Residents say the name of the borough is often mispronounced and spelled incorrectly. PennDOT officials say the error happened in its sign shop and no one noticed until it was too late.

A contractor will fix the sign but it will cost up to $1200 and take a few weeks to complete. Until then however, the sign will continue to be a source of amusement for both Ephrata residents and fans of flatulence jokes.

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