High Class Dining Above Sea Level at the Oceanaire

The whole interior of the Oceanaire is designed to resemble an ocean liner from the early 1900’s (pre-titanic), that’s two floors just dripping with class. In fact, the top floor overlooks a beautiful sunken dining room (just like on a ship). There is even an outside patio area ideal for the spring and summer weather. The décor remains simple, never detracting from the powerful and stunning architectural structure.

Although expensive, the food is outstanding. The Oceanaire has fresh fish delivered daily with a multitude of variety including tuna, flounder and king crab. Try the fried calamari appetizer ($10), it’s remarkably tender, perfectly seasoned and drizzled with two delicious aioli sauces for an added kick. The tuna tartar, served on a wakame salad ($13) is also excellent, perhaps the freshest tuna I have ever tasted. The dish is garnished with fried nori chips. The crab cake ($16) is all meat and no filler, as expected.

For entrees, it’s really hard to go wrong. The surf and turf (market price, $99) is something to consider, a cliched item, but at the Oceanaire something worth ordering. The filet is remarkably juicy and the turf, in this case, is Alaskan red king crab, an item with limited availability. The scallops ($39) are the chef’s specialty, and it’s easy to see why. Seared to perfection and especially savory thanks to a house cured bacon broth.

There are many side dishes, but give the garlic and parmesan spinach ($ 8) some consideration as well as the creamed sweet corn ($8).

If you have room in your stomach (and wallet), try the traditional crème brûlée ($8) for dessert. Yeah, I know crème brûlée can be boring, but at Oceanaire, the dessert an exceptionally rich, creamy dish topped with fresh fruit and a vanilla cookie.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room is not for the spending savvy, but it sinks more expensive tourist traps like the Mushulu with ease. Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if I can find Leonardo Dicaprio at the bow of the ship.

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