Heat Wave: Day 4

On Wednesday, day four of this most recent heat wave, we hit 91 degrees early in the afternoon again.

We have a lot more humidity to deal with and that means the heat index will be higher, i.e., it feels hotter on your skin than what you're seeing on the thermometer.

During the afternoon, we are tracking storm activity. Southern Delaware has been a lot more active, while some areas north of Philadelphia have been rain-free. We could see a few more thunderstorms breaking out in the next few hours.

Thursday looks like another 90-plus degree day, but this heat wave should not stretch beyond that because the highs on Friday will be in the 80s. Expect some showers and storms to move through on Thursday with even more activity on Friday.

We'll dry out over the weekend.

By the way, on this date last year, we hit a record 102 degrees and the next day, it was 103!

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