Group Together to Save Money

Have you gotten your "Groupon" yet? groups potential buyers together every day, to save money at local business. 

Groupon users can save up to 50 percent on everything from restaurants to tours to paintball.

The people at Groupon put together a system that brings savings to a community of users. Deals like $20 photo shoots and half-price ice cream are just a registration form away.

The site offers deals every day with a catch -- enough people must use the special offer. After a specified amount of participants is reached -- everybody gets the deal.

The “collective buying power” site already offered $9 ghost tours through Philadelphia a $25 Triumph Brewing Company gift card for $10, as well as local cookies (a $60 value) for $30.

If you’re a saver, get your friends in the game to logon and get your "Groupon."

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