Buck Naked in Buckingham

A buck naked man loose in Buckingham Township.

“It’s the kind of area where we leave our doors unlocked and we don’t think of strangers doing bizarre things in the middle of the day, “ Shuba Batt of Buckingham Township, Pa. said.

But, that’s exactly what happened when a female jogger was stopped in her tracks Tuesday around 1pm on New Hope Rd and between Rt. 413 and Holicong Rd., Buckingham Township police said.

“She was approached from behind by a man who was naked and the subject grabbed her from behind and held her in a bear hug for 45 seconds to one minute, held her upright and rubbed himself along her back,” Sergeant J.R. Landis said.

The naked attacker then ran back to a silver SUV and sped off.

“The fact someone would perpetrate this attack, completely naked, in the middle of the afternoon, is just bizarre,” Landis said.

And police don’t believe this is the first time their suspect has struck.  An incident in Middletown Township one week prior had similarities.

A woman was walking her dog November 11 on Red Ridge and Rose Apple Rd., when she was approached by a man who exposed himself, touched himself, then sped off naked in a silver SUV, police said.

“The physical description of the perp is very similar and his vehicle description.  Our concern is he’s building up his nerve.  We’re afraid the next step will be more consistent with rape,” Landis said.

This is a notion residents aren’t taking lightly.

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