A man's existence is bracketed by two staples: great coffee, then great beer, so why can't you buy them both in the same place? Redressing this heartless injustice, Brew/Ultimo.


Thrillist - Brew/Ultimo

From a local bean aficionado and South Philadelphia Tap Room's owner, Brew/Ultimo's an airy, garage door'd storefront with a church pew'd sustainable coffee & espresso bar up front and, in back, refrigerated cases that'll be stocked with 500+ rare beers as soon as the booze license comes in (soon, but not soon enough). Coffee's brewed via two distinct processes: from 7-11am, fresh bulk grounds are filtered through a Chemex and stored in gravity urns (never for more than an hour); after the morning rush, artisanal single servings are drafted through a “pour-over” system, wherein baristas hand-pour boiling water over grounds in a spiral pattern like human percolators -- which sounds cultured 'til you wake up at fifty and sob, "I'm nothing but a human percolator!". The brew selection's not finalized yet, but will include rarities along the lines of Belgium's Fantôme, Denmark's Ølfabrikken Porter, Norway's HaandBryggeriet Norwegian Wood, Italy's Montegioco Draco, Switzerland's Des Franches-Montagnes La Dragonne, and Belgium's Vapeur Saison de Pipaix, plus traditional French ciders, many in 22-25oz bottles, also known as "the thinking man's 40". Daily stocked grub includes simple sandwiches, baguettes, croissants from West Philly's Four Worlds Bakery, and B.T. brownies -- the very baked goods that're even now pressing those brackets outwards.

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