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The Blue Penguin Baby Boom at NJ's Adventure Aquarium Is Oozing Cuteness

Five recently born blue penguins are now swimming and waddling around their exhibit at the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey

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Oh baby, not just once, but five times at Adventure Aquarium.

The Camden, New Jersey, aquarium now has five blue penguin chicks on display in time for Mother's Day.

Five baby blue penguin chicks at Adventure Aquarium
Adventure Aquarium
Five little blue penguin chicks on display at Camden's Adventure Aquarium.

"(Guests) can now see these adorable slate-blue penguins, the smallest species of penguin in the world, playing on Little Blue Beach and practicing their new swimming skills," the aquarium said in a news release Thursday.

The fab five were born in recent months with little Griffin the youngest and only boy of the group.

Griffin has joined Fairy, Phoenix, Pixie and Siren at Little Blue Beach.

The aquarium has adjusted water temperature, humidity levels, air circulation and lighting to work for "Southern Hemisphere species for a breeding season in the Northern Hemisphere," Jamie Becker, bird and mammal biologist at Adventure Aquarium, said.

“This year, we made many changes to their exhibit and are proud these modifications worked for such a successful breeding season,” Becker said. 

The aquarium is open with COVID-19 safety protocols in place. Click here to make your reservation to see the penguin chicks before they quickly "become Olympic-level swimmers in no time," the attraction said.

And for those needing one more adorable look... here you go:

A blue penguin chick
Adventure Aquarium
A blue penguin chick at New Jersey's Adventure Aquarium.
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