Philly Live Weekends

Philly Live Weekends: Feeding the Giraffes, Top Chef Cooking Lesson, Art Tour

In partnership with VISIT PHILADELPHIA, Philly LIVE Weekends is bringing Philly to your home

Giraffe, Chef Jennifer Carroll, Street Art featuring Patti LaBelle
Getty Images/Visit Philadelphia

Philly LIVE Weekends, in partnership with VISIT PHILADELPHIA kicked off Friday, March 27 with four Facebook live streams featuring the Philadelphia Zoo, cooking lessons, a big band sing-a-long and tour of Philly street art.

Feeding the Giraffes With the Philadelphia Zoo

On Friday, March 27, zookeeper Ellen Bartuska fed The Philadelphia Zoo's three giraffes, taking Philly LIVE Weekends to a virtual zoo experience.

Cooking With Spice Finch Chefs

On Friday, March 27, co-executive chefs at Spice Finch in Philadelphia, Jennifer Carroll and Billy Riddle offered Philly LIVE Weekends viewers into their kitchen for a cooking lesson.

The Philly POPS BIG Band Living Room Performance

On Saturday, March 28, Philly POPS BIG Band member, instrumentalist and music professor Sean Bailey led Philly LIVE Weekends viewers through a popular song sing-a-long.

Touring the #SisterlyLove Street Art Project

On Sunday, March 29, VISIT PHILADELPHIA's Jordan Parenti took Philly LIVE Weekends viewers on a street tour of the #SisterlyLove Project, a street art exhibit featuring Philadelphia women by Philadelphia women.

Philly LIVE Weekends also encourages viewers to donate to the PHL COVID-19 Fund, a regional grants program serving at-risk populations.

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