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WARNING: No Butts About It -- Smerconish is Naked

Smerconish: "I have the ass -- and the balls"



    WARNING: No Butts About It -- Smerconish is Naked
    Smerconish's face wasn't the first thing you saw in the Philly Mag article.

    We've heard of baring it all, but popular radio voice Michael Smerconish has taken it further than you'd expect.

    A buck-naked Smerconish graces the pages of the May edition of Philadelphia Magazine to help promote his new book, "Morning Drive." 

    Don't worry, he has his back turned, but the photo might shock some readers, though it was meant to do more than just that.

    It's a metaphor for Smerconish's appeal. He is a right-wing partisan who must appeal to moderates with his humor to thrive as a nationally syndicated radio host, according to Philly Mag.

    We wanted to find out from the man himself why he chose to drop the microphone, and the pants, and everything else for that matter.

    "Being naked is the theme of my new book," said Smerconish. "The stripping away of conventional labels -- just practicing what I preach over here," he continued.

    But, does Smerconish hope to start a new trend?

    "Not sure about that. As Seinfeld says -- there’s good naked and bad naked," Smerconish mused.

    What does The Big Talker - 1210 morning host think the image says about him?

    A picture might say a thousand words -- Smerconish only needed a few to describe his photo. We will let the man himself sum it up.
    "What does it say about me? I have the ass -- and the balls," Smerconish said.

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