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Hail Hits During Stormy Night

Thunderstorms dump hail in the 'burbs



    Hail Hits During Stormy Night
    Kathy Perry
    Kathy Perry sent this picture in from Gilbertsville. "I never saw such big hail here---EVER! And it lasted for over 5 minutes," she said.

    Severe thunderstorms brought rain and hail to the parts of the region Friday night.

    The wild weather started around dinnertime, moved through Montgomery County and crossed the river into Burlington County.

    More severe weather was expected to the south of those storms, including the Jersey Shore.

    More thunderstorms developed late in the night, moving into the extreme northern and western counties of the Philadelphia area.  They are not severe but do contain brief heavy rain and gusty wind.

    Video of Hail: Boyertown

    [PHI] Video of Hail: Boyertown
    A video from what was left of the hail that came down when a severe thunderstorm went over Boyertown, Pa. Friday night.
    (Published Friday, June 26, 2009)

    For a list of damage reports sent in by storm spotters check out the local storm report from the National Weather Service page for the Philadelphia area.