Sunday Smelled Like Spring…Not Today

The temperature Sunday made it into the 60s. We won't be that lucky Monday. It's 29 degrees in Philadelphia, but the wind chill is making it feel more like 21 degrees. Hang in there until Wednesday -- the temperature will go back up to 60 degrees.

Monday's Weather Update:

  • Skies are clear
  • Lots of sunshine today
  • 29 degrees in Phila.
  • Wind chill is making it feel like 21degrees in Phila.
  • 30 degrees in Trenton
  • 32 degrees in Wilmington
  • We could get a few showers Tuesday
  • It's sunny, mild; temperatures average between 47-50 degrees
  • Tuesday average of 53 degrees
  • 60 degrees Wednesday with rain late Wed. night
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