Showers, Thunderstorms Possible

Bigger problem right now is the fog

Getty Images

Some showers/light drizzle remain Sunday morning.  Nothing major, but it's still damp.

The bigger problem is the fog.  Many spots are seeing reduced visibilities up to a half-mile -- or worse in some areas.

The fog will lift once the warm front, which is also responsible for the light rain, clears the area. This will give a rise to our temperatures - - into the upper 60s.

Peeks of sun are possible late this morning and early afternoon.  The amount of sunshine we squeeze out could determine if we see a thunderstorm or not -- and if it does, it could be gusty.

Nonetheless, we will see some showers as an associated cold front moves through the city.  

It will be dry, windy and much cooler Monday.  Highs will top out in the low 50s.

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