Weekend Warm Up–Take ‘That' Punxsutawney Phil!

Phil predicted six more weeks of winter.  And yes--the wind chill is certainly taking its toll Thursday morning.  It's not his fault he saw his shadow, but warm weather is on the way. 

The wind chill is making it feel like the single digits or below zero in some areas.

Thursday morning, you woke up to temperatures in the teens or lower; 15 degrees in Philadelphia, 11 degrees in Doylestown, 13 degrees in Trenton, 17 degrees in Wilmington.

But, the wind chill makes it feel like just 4 degrees in Philly, and 1 degree in Wilmington, Trenton, Doylestown.

We’ll see plenty of sunshine Thursday, but high pressure to the southwest and bitter winds will keep us in the cold.

Thursday afternoon we’ll be in the high to mid-20s.

Friday, we’re off to a cold start, 15 degrees in Philadelphia, but it will warm up to 34 degrees by afternoon.

Expect a nice warm-up for the weekend with temps in the 50s.   

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