Enjoy Today, Because Heat's on the Way

This weekend will be nice, but we're in for some heat next week!

Happy Friday! And what a beautiful Friday it is.

The temperature is 85 as of 2:20 p.m., but dewpoints are still in the 50s, so it doesn't even feel that hot. By day's end, we could get close to 90.

Expect similar temps on Saturday with the low humidity continuing.

Sunday will be a bit hotter and more humid with a high near 90.

As for next week, it's a pretty good bet, we're going to see heatwave number five. Models are suggesting that we're going to hit 90 or higher every day next week and next weekend.

The hottest stretch looks like it's going to start on Wednesday and last through the weekend. In fact, dangerous heat conditions are possible during that time.

We're going to be pretty dry for the most part, but there is a threat of thunderstorms on Monday night and Tuesday.

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