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See Waterspout Near A.C.

A waterspout formed just off the coast of Atlantic City during Tuesday's storm



    See Waterspout Near A.C.
    Craig Macqueen
    Water spout appeared off the coast off Atlantic City.

    What many might think was a tornado off of the coast of Atlantic City on Tuesday, was actually a waterspout.

    Chris Filosa ran outside of the Rutgers Marine Field Station in Little Egg Harbor Township to record the phenomenon.

    Although a waterspout is called a 'tornado over water,' their are a few differences between the two weather phenomenons.

    A waterspout is classified into two categories, fair-weather and tornadic.

    Fair-weather waterspouts, the more-common of the two, are weak twisters that occur in coastal, tropical or sub-tropical bodies of water.

    The second type is called a 'tornadic' waterspout. Essentially, a 'tornadic' waterspout is a tornado over water. Tornadoes form from severe thunderstorms which means these waterspouts are stronger and more dangerous. Generally, this type of waterspout occurs when a land tornado ventures off into a body of water.

    The waterspout that appeared in between Atlantic County's Brigantine and Ocean County's Long Beach Island formed around 4:37 p.m. and it lasted about five minutes, according to