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Pope Francis Worked as a Bouncer

Francis worked the unexpected job during his youth.



    Pope Francis Worked as a Bouncer
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    Pope Francis told parishioners about his previous occupation during a visit to a church near Rome.

    The new pope is full of surprises.

    Pope Francis revealed that he used to be a bouncer for a nightclub.

    Francis told parishioners during a 4-hour visit to a church near Rome Sunday that he had many jobs before he became leader to the world's 1.2 billion Catholics.
    Besides the bouncer gig, then Jorge Mario Bergoglio used to sweep floors and run laboratory tests, according to The Catholic News Service.
    Francis said it was his time as a literature and psychology teacher at an older age that gave him the ability to draw people to the church, according to the Catholic News Service.
    The Los Angeles Times notes that back in March an Italian paper named Gazzetta del Sud reported Francis' unexpected occupation, explaining that as a student he worked in a bar in Buenos Aires.