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Do You Plank?

New craze sweeping around the world and into Philly, but is it too dangerous for its own good?



    It's a bizarre craze that's got people around the world and in our area lying face down on the ground. It's called "planking" and it had deadly consequences in Australia but that doesn't stop Randi Sether from planking all over Philly. Check out her website to see some of the familiar places she has laid done at.See local reaction to the planking craze here. (Published Wednesday, May 18, 2011)

    Have you gone planking?

    No, that's not a trick or dirty question. I'm talking about a new trend sweeping across the globe via the Internet.

    Planking is when a person lies face down on -- well, pretty much anything -- in the plank position. People have planked on buildings, fire trucks and other unusual, public places. On Sunday, a man in Australia fell seven stories to his death after trying to plank on a balcony.

    "I guess I really never thought of it as dangerous beforehand, but again as people take it to extremes or drink-and-plank I can just see people try and one-up each other," Randi Sether, a planker-obsessed Philadelphian said. "But I just try and one-up myself."

    Planking Makes Lying Down, Staying Still Cool?

    [PHI] Planking Makes Lying Down, Staying Still Cool?
    It's had deadly consequences in at least one case but Fishtown's Randi Sether talks about what make planking fun for her and how she keeps it safe. Check out her website to see some of the familiar places she has laid done at.
    (Published Wednesday, May 18, 2011)

    Sether has even "planked" on escalators.

    "It kinda became an obsession because everywhere I went, I'm like, 'I can do one there,'" the Fishtown woman told NBC Philadelphia. "When I go places now I'm scouting out."

    Her obsession grew into the Tumblr blog Dirty Boobies -- named such because: "I lie on the ground in front of stuff. Face down. Sometimes my boobies get dirty."

    Randi has planked with storm troopers, on SEPTA buses and pool tables and under Capt'n Morgan. She gets great pictures, but that's not her ultimate goal. "The bigger point of it is to really just capture people's reactions," she said. "It's my favorite part of the whole thing."

    One @NBCPhiladelphia follower called the fad "just a new form of natural selection for idiots" while another called it "hilarious."

    Got a good local [SAFE] planking spot? Share your ideas and thoughts about the trend on Facebook and on Twitter with the #planking hashtag.

    "I'm not breaking any laws. I'm just lying on the ground so there's no harm in that," she said.

    Dirty Boobies from Brain Gravy Creative on Vimeo.