Parking in Philly? Plan on Paying the Meter Again

The Philadelphia Parking Authority is enforcing parking meters in the heart of Philadelphia, again

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What to Know

  • The Philadelphia Parking Authority began enforcing parking meters throughout the city starting Monday, June 22.
  • Parking meter enforcement was paused as Philadelphia was in the "red" phase of coronavirus closures.
  • PPA enforcement of residential zones begins on June 29.

You now must feed the meter again -- no matter where you are parking in Philadelphia -- or face a fine.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority began enforcing all metered parking Monday. The move came a week after enforcement resumed in the busy Center City and University City neighborhoods resumed months after being paused due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For people concerned over touching surfaces, the MeterUp app can be used to avoid touching parking kiosks. You can also call 1-877-727-5303 to pay to park.

Residential parking zones and time limits will begin to be enforced starting next Monday, June 29.

The PPA has continued to ticket drivers for “blatant violations that pose a threat to public order and safety such as double-parking, loading zone violations and blocking entranceways or crosswalks,” the agency said.

Safety violations being enforced include: no stopping zones, parking in front of a fire hydrant, bus zones, blocking a wheelchair ramp and loading zones.

The PPA has details on parking in Philadelphia on its site.

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