Vick Almost All Paid Up in Bankruptcy Case

Eagles QB pays millions more to his creditors, according to court papers

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Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has apparently lived up to his promise of modest living and it’s paying off -- his creditors.

Vick, who declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2008, has paid off all but about $400,000 of the $20 million he originally owed, according to

Vick paid nearly $4 million into his reorganization plan in October of last year, according to bankruptcy documents obtained by NBC10.

  • Click here to view the latest U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of Virginia filing.

That money likely came from Vick’s lucrative $100 million contract with the Eagles.

Despite paying off most of his federal bankruptcy debt, Vick isn’t in the clear yet. He still owes more than $350,000 to Bank of America (for a Virginia property), about $500 to BMW Financial Services and almost $24,000 in taxes.

Vick, 31, has been living on the reorganization plan (as mapped out by ESPN) for the past few years that would give him an allowance while much of his salary went to paying off his debt.

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