Temple Grad, NFL Player Arrested for $27 Bill

Raheem Brock, whom the Eagles drafted but couldn't afford to keep, was arrested for walking out on a tab at a South Street bar, police say

Temple grad and NFL free agent Raheem Brock was arrested for allegedly walking out on a bill at a bar on South Street in Philadelphia Thursday, police say.

Brock, 33, was charged with theft of services and resisting arrest after he, a woman and another man left Copabanana bar without paying for the drinks they had been served, the Inquirer first reported.

Brock and the two people he was with were asked to leave Copabanana because the woman in the group brought in food from another restaurant, police say. The three left without paying for their drinks, reports the Inquirer.

The unpaid bill that led to Brock’s arrest was $27.

Police questioned Brock at Iskabibble, another South Street bar, soon after, reports the Inquirer.

Brock was released on his own recognizance.

The Eagles drafted Brock in 2002 but didn’t have enough money to keep him. He’s played for three NFL teams and is now a free agent.

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