Sixers Take the Night Off in Style

The 76ers are only in their first week of the season and already they’re popping the bubbly.

No, their 2-4 record is nothing to get excited over but point guard Louis Williams' birthday bash was the talk of the town.

Close friend, rapper and actor Bow Wow, was the unofficial host and fellow Sixer teammates Andre Iguodala, Thaddius Young and rookie Marreese Speights, to name a few, helped celebrate Williams’ twenty-second birthday in style at Denim nightclub on Walnut St. Friday night.

Williams, who signed a 5-year, $25 million dollar contract with the team over the summer, appeared to spare no expense for the event.

The club’s VIP section was overflowing with friends and fans, with a line as long as the Sixers NBA championship drought waiting for a chance to get an invite to chill with the big ballers.

The third-year star from Atlanta has had a hot hand so far this season, averaging twelve points a game, but threw up a brick by flossin’ a Braves hat throughout the night. 

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