Sir Charles Thinks the Birds Will Win Super Bowl

"McNabb's the greatest quarterback in Eagles history," said Charles Barkley in an interview on WIP with Howard Eskin and Marc Farzetta.

"Ya'll have not gave him the love he deserve here."

Well, he hasn't given us a Super Bowl win, so guess we're even.

But according to Sir Charles, we won't have to wait long.

"I think the Eagles are gonna win the Super Bowl."

And he thinks the win has to come in the next two years. Which is perfect since McNabb's only got two years left on his contract. But if he doesn't get it done?

"It's time to move on and start over," said Barkley.

On a sidenote: Chuck also believes that former 76er Allen Iverson will clean up his game and start acting right. Why? "...cause he needs a job, a J-O-B," according to Barkley. Ain't that the truth.

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