Shawn Andrews' “Bad” Rap

The “Big Kid” Shawn Andrews can now add rapping about “Getting My Michael Phelps On” to his repertoire.

The oft-injured Eagles offensive lineman went viral last month uploading a You Tube video of himself rapping about the Olympic-hero swimmer. On Wednesday, blog sites like The 700 Level found the video and helped spread it to the Eagles nation.

Posted under the user name BigKid73 (obviously a play off his nickname and jersey number) the video features Andrews -- using the alias “E.D.I.D.” -- talking and then rapping over a computerized beat.

Andrews maybe just wants to win eight gold medals in swimming like Phelps. Heck with the time Andrews has spent not playing for the Eagles while battling injuries maybe he would be safer in the pool.

And, if you really want to have fun, “you can swim to it,” according to Andrews.

Check it out for yourself and get your Phelps on (whatever that means). Skip to 2:38 in the video to hear the rap.

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