Reid: My Leadership Right Now Isn't Good Enough

Eagles Coach Andy Reid spoke at noon today following Sunday’s blowout loss to the Redskins. Reid first addressed star running back LeSean McCoy's concussion. McCoy is in "stage 1," of the recovery process according to Reid. When asked how bad McCoy's concussion was compared to Michael Vick's, Reid stated the following:

We'll know over time but it didn't seem to be quite as bad based on where he was after the game. We have to make sure we go through the protocol but we'll see how things go.

Reid then addressed the poor overall performance of the team and anger from Eagles fans as a result.

Obviously that's not good enough, the way we're playing. I take full responsibility for that. I know we're letting the fans down and the city down. I understand how they feel on this. I feel it from our football team, the coaches and players. There are no excuses for it. We've got to continue to get better and eliminate the mistakes. We have to put guys in the right position and make sure we're making plays. That's my responsibility to get that done.

I can’t stand here and tell you that things are great when you come off a loss like that. I think everybody’s searching right now and looking for answers. That can be a healthy thing. But the turnovers and penalties and big plays, you can’t give those things up and win football games. Things snowball on you at times and you have to back up and fix the problems. That’s what we have to do.

Reid also spoke on whether he feels his leadership is still effective and whether he's considering stepping down:

We're not winning football games so I take that responsibility. Since I'm in that leadership spot, my leadership right now isn't good enough. I've got to do a better job there and make sure we play better.

I can't tell you I'm the happiest guy. . I don’t like to lose. That’s an understatement. We’re in this thing to win football games. But at the same time I’m going to makes sure I continue to teach the fundamentals and try to do things that I think are the right way.

I’m standing in front of the team and telling them these are the things we need to  do, one of which is to continue to battle. So I think that would be a cop out[[to step down]]. That’s not how I see things. That’s not the way I’m wired. We’re going to keep battling and do it as a team. I’m not going to tell the guys one thing and do the other.

Finally, Reid stated that Michael Vick will be the starter when he returns from injury. He also commented on the performance of Nick Foles:

I thought there were some good things that he did and some things that he can definitely learn from. He’s a young guy so he made a couple rookie mistakes but there were some positive things too.

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