Rating the Rumor: Eagles Call Colts About RB Frank Gore

For the second time in as many days, the Eagles are rumored to have interest in a potential trade for a future Hall of Famer. This time, it's Colts running back Frank Gore.

In what has already been one of the most active NFL trade deadlines ever, the 7-1 Eagles certainly could be one of the teams trying to make a splash. Running back is also a position where the club could conceivably add, while Gore is exactly the type of high-character addition the locker room would embrace.

Stephen Holder for The Indianapolis Star reports the Colts have been in discussions with at least two teams regarding Gore's availability. And while a deal is described as "far from a sure thing," a trade would certainly make sense. Gore is 34 and in the final year of his contract, and the Colts' season is circling the drain.

For the Eagles' part, several members of the media have speculated they would have interest. Yet it is Kyle Scott of the blog Crossing Broad who learned from a source the Eagles were in fact one of the teams to make the call. This is not a traditional news-breaking outlet, so make of Scott's report what you will.

Regardless, the Eagles acquiring Gore is not the worst idea in the world.

It's doable, for starters. So often, you hear rumblings about a player, and wonder how in the world the Eagles could afford it. In Gore's case, the remaining half of his $3.5 million salary for 2017 would fit under the cap, and the Colts couldn't reasonably be asking for more than a late-round draft pick in return.

The Eagles have some level of need at running back as well, even if it doesn't seem dire. LeGarrette Blount is still running hard, but doesn't play in passing situations. Wendell Smallwood can't stay healthy and was not part of the game plan against the 49ers. None of them has proven to be solid in pass protection.

Gore clearly isn't in his prime, yet still managed to eclipse 1,000 yards for the ninth time last season. Plus, he's effective both as a receiver out of the backfield or in protection.

Is there a role for a 13-year veteran with a complete skill set in an Eagles backfield that's crowded but lacking elite talent? You bet there could be.

Can a deal be worked out before the 4 p.m. deadline on Tuesday? There's no reason why not.

And as Holder points out, the Colts could be in firesale mode. The team is 2-6, and quarterback Andrew Luck isn't returning from a shoulder injury anytime soon. That doesn't mean they should dump T.Y. Hilton, but there is absolutely zero incentive to hang on to Gore at this point.

The bigger question might be what kind of competition the Eagles are facing to acquire Gore's services, and not so much whether the Colts will move him.

Rating the Rumor: It would be hard to argue against.

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