Philly Area Gets Squashed This Weekend

Women's National Squash Championship comes to the area

Sports fans in King of Prussia will be treated to championship-caliber sport this weekend -- the sport, thought, may be foreign to some.

The sport? Squash!

What's squash? It's a racket game that is most similar to racquetball -- the differences are that the court is smaller, the ball is smaller and the rackets are longer.

The game is played inside of a four walled room just like racquetball.

The Howe Cup has drawn about 200 women from all 50 states to the area. The Howe Cup has been awarded every year since 1928 to the best team.

The 2008 Cup is being held all weekend at the Fairmount Athletic Club in King of Prussia, Pa.

Check out the Fairmount Athletic Club and U.S. Squash sites for more details.

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