Verifying Philly Fan Insanity, Phillies Reddit Morphs Into Wawa Reddit

You can call Philadelphia sports fans many things. Passionate, intense, loyal, strange, quite strange, odd, weird, very weird. Just don't call them uncreative.

The latest example of Philly fans doing unique things comes from reddit, where plenty of strange things happen on a regular basis -- the Phillies subredit specifically, which has taken a strange and delicious turn in recent days.

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If you've been tuning in, you know the Phillies have strugged. Who needs a bullpen anyway!??

Well the r/Phillies people have had enough and yesterday they upvoted their way into turning their subredit into a Wawa-themed safe space. What does this have to do with baseball? Who cares.

So apparently they're going Wawa themed until the Phillies go on a win streak which at the current rate could take months.

It makes for a good laugh though. Again, this is what looks like today:

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