Bryce Harper Wants to Be Heckled More in Philadelphia

Dear Phillies fans:

When an entire city is known for its booing, heckling and passionate fanbase, it's tough to get after ever single player that comes through Philadelphia. Sometimes a player slips through the crack, immune to the fans' boos and jeckles. And as it turns out, a certain Vanilla Ice wannabe has slipped through the cracks unscathed. 

Nationals' outfielder Bryce Harper says he doesn't hear too much from the fans in Philadelphia.

That he gets more flak from Braves' fans.

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That he enjoys playing in Philadelphia. 

"I don't get much (boos) in Philly, actually," Harper told CSNMid-Atlantic's Chase Hughes. "I enjoy playing in Philly. I don't get much from Phillies fans going crazy."

Clearly, like the Eagles' recievers in the open field, the ball has been dropped here.

Harper is asking, no, begging to be booed and taunted. 

But, there's more. Harper claims to get taunted more in Atlanta. By Braves' fans, you guys. They have 7,000 fans. Something needs to change.

Unfortunately, the Nationals just wrapped up their final trip to Citizens Bank Park this past week. How convenient for Mr. Harper and his perfectly-moussed hair.

So start practicing now. Look in your mirror this long, cold, baseball-less winter and practice your jeers and boos. The reputation of the city depends on it.

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