(Heart) Breaking: Turkey Hill's Graham Slam Ice Cream Flavor Discontinued

Anyone who has ever worked a Phillies game as a reporter and sat in the press box is all to familiar with Turkey Hill's Graham Slam ice cream. The friendly press box attendant has been dishing out scoops to scragily media members since Citizens Bank Park opened up.

A nice cup of ice cream is often the only joy in covering a mediocre-to-bad baseball team.

Fans likely remember the old comercial for the Graham Slam flavor featuring former Phils broadcaster Scott Graham -- the synergy! It was a "graham flavored ice cream with scoops of Choco Marshmallow cups and a graham swirl."

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Alas, we were saddened to learn that the Graham Slam flavor has been discontinued due to lack of sales.

What is wrong with you, Philadelphians? You should have been eating more Graham Slam.

Maybe if we all tweet at Turkey Hill they will bring it back.

Let's remember the good times.

Nobody tell this guy:

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