Phillies Vs. Eagles: Who’s the More Super ‘Superteam?’

Vick Halladay Side by side
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I'm not sure there's ever been a better time to be a fan of Philadelphia area sports teams. The Eagles just won the very brief NFL off-season by bringing in Nnamdi Asoumgha, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Vince Young, 30 White Castle sliders and a LightHawk Intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile. They're a superteam, and now the whole universe thinks they might win the Super Bowl, at least until Mike Vick gets hurt in Week 9.

Then you have the Phillies, who were already something of a superteam before all this Eagles business went down -- and before they traded for Hunter Pence to become an even more SUPER superteam.

Both these teams are now loaded with A-list talent all over the place and both have clearly emptied their chambers in an attempt to win a title THIS season -- anything less is a failure. But which Philly-area team is the SUPEREST? Let's break it down by category:

Notoriety: If the Eagles had signed Plaxico Burress (and rumors had been floating around about it), then they would have become a SUPERPRISONTEAM, potentially winning games and breaking out jailbirds all over our fair nation. Regardless, they have a rejuvenated Michael Vick, who will forever remain a divisive figure as he tries to redeem himself for a sin many find irredeemable. They also now have Vince Young, who is awful, but whom you have most definitely heard of. And while Roy Halladay and Ryan Howard and the like are all quite well-known, Vick's presence dwarfs them all. Again, until he gets hurt. ADVANTAGE: EAGLES

Championship Odds: Here is where the Phillies have a decided edge. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, whereas the Phillies won a title just three years ago. Many players from that title squad are still with the team, and presumably know quite a bit about how to win it all. And with the season over halfway done, we know that this assemblage of talent isn't gonna implode. They're on pace to do precisely what they're supposed to do. Also, an injury to one player wouldn't sink the team, as it would the Eagles with Vick. Also, Andy Reid doesn't run the Phillies, which is good, because if he did, the ninth inning of every game would last 5 hours. ADVANTAGE: PHILLIES

: Jason Babin has already said he feels like the Eagles could be the Miami Heat of the NFL, which I assume means he's ready to gag once the team reaches the title round. Vince Young also threw out the "superteam" moniker, which is easy for him to say since he WON'T HAVE TO PLAY. Vick was already widely disliked by many -- and now we've got Heat comparisons which does not bode well. Meanwhile, the Phillies keep grinding on. They could stand to be a touch more insufferable, you know. ADVANTAGE: PHILLIES

Winner: When it comes down to it, the Phillies have the better shot at winning it all and they could very well go down as one of the finest baseball teams of all time. When it comes to superteams, that's pretty much the measuring stick. ADVANTAGE: PHILLIES

Should be a fun fall. Prepare yourself.

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