Phillies Fans Troll #GoDBacks on Twitter

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For Wednesday's game, the Diamondbacks announced a cool little social-media campaign: fire out a message on Twitter and include the hashtag #GoDBacks, and your tweet could be displayed on the scoreboard at Chase Field.

That's pretty awesome. But it gets awesomer, because Phillies fans found out about the social media campaign and helped make the hashtag trend, not just in Philadelphia, but nationally as well.

You can see this having actually happened, thanks to Todd Zolecki of

OK, so it's trending in Philly and it's trending all over the world, but what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that Phillies fans and a pile of sportswriters, all of whom are actually energized by snark, went nuts on Twitter hoping that their joke-y tweets would show up on the scoreboard.

If you want to read the funniest ones, head over to The Score and check out the Storify that Drew Fairservice put together.

Some of the funniers ones:

"Go Padres. #GoDBacks" - @MarcNormadin

"I am Nigerian prince in need of foreign investor to help me transfer my 80 million dollar trust. Give me your bank account info. #GoDBacks" - @FanSince09

"If my hazy recollection of my time out west is accurate, approximately half of you are my progeny. #GoDBacks" - @OldHossRadbourn

"Who are the God Backs? #GodBacks" - @MeechOne

How many of these actually made it up onto the scoreboard? In all likelihood none. But as @EmmaSpan pointed out, even if it just means that one poor, lonely Diamondbacks intern is sitting in his cubicle staring at the scoreboard, trying to read Twitter and totally freaking out, it was all worth it.

Well played, Phillies fans. Well played.[View the story "Messin' with Social Media" on Storify]

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