Time for Fans to #ChooseChooch

Phillies ask fans to vote for Carlos Ruiz for the All-Star Game -- an honor Chooch certainly deserves

You might have noticed something while watching the Phillies this season...

That Carlos Ruiz is the best hitter on the field most nights.

Add in that Ruiz also handles one of the most heralded pitching staffs in the game and you have a possible MVP candidate. At worst Chooch is a deserving All-Star -- the only position player on the Phillies I can say that about (Cole Hamels and Johnathan Papelbon should make the team also).

Philthy Stuff blogger Dash Treyhorn sums up what he calls the “Ruiz Juggernaut:”

“…Not only has Chooch proven to be one of the best guys to have behind the plate, but he has firmly established his reputation as a guy to have at the dish in a big spot.”

Ruiz is second in the National in batting average (.371), second in slugging (.615), third in OPS (1.038) and fourth in on-base percentage (.422) all while playing the most punishing position in baseball -- catcher.

Despite being a clutch player who has made fans yell "Choochtober" every fall, Ruiz has never made an All-Star Game.

That should change this year and the Phightins brass wants to ensure it does.

With a weeklong homestand starting Friday the Phillies are asking their fans to “Choose Chooch” by offering a freebie to fans that punch out that nifty little punch hole for the Phillies backstop.

Per a press release from the Phillies:

Choose Chooch! Firestone All-Star Game In-Park Balloting at Citizens Bank Park continues through June 20.  Fans may drop off 10 completed ballots at the All-Star table behind Section 112 until the 5th inning to receive a free pair of Vote Phillies Eye Black stickers.  Fans can also submit votes at phillies.com.  Vote for your favorite Phillies today!

Just beware of hanging chads.

Of course you don’t have to go to the ball park -- even though that eye black is a tempting draw – to Choose Chooch. You can also vote online to ensure that Braves Brian McCann doesn’t get to start another All-Star game for the NL. MLB is even encouraging fans to tweet who they voted for.

How great would it be if every Phillies fan takes a minute today to vote online and caused a trending topic on Twitter by posting:

Make Carlos Ruiz an All-Star #ChooseChooch, I did. http://atmlb.com/IGGBO6 #AllStarGame

And remember to vote early and vote often -- up to 25 times a day.

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