Phans Cashing in on FREE Championship Celebration

Tickets being sold on eBay and Craigslist

Some Phillies phans are seeing green when it comes to the free Phillies celebration tickets -- they are selling the free tickets for a profit.

Want to go to Lincoln Financial Field or Citizens Bank Park to see the big phinale Phillies celebration parade? Be ready to break out the wallet.

A simple search for celebration tickets on Craigslist reveals dozens of tickets available and the same goes for eBay.

What is really irking some phans is the price being asked for some of the tickets that we given away by the Phillies for free on

Tickets for section 244 in CBP are being offered for $250 a pop on eBay! Or, you can pay $250 to sit by yourself in the upper deck!

That pales in comparison to what some people are offering for the tickets -- on Craigslist one user is offering up a weekend at their beach home for a pair of Celebration tickets.

Note that Phils phans can only get into the stadiums with a ticket.

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