Patriots' Dynasty? That Doesn't Matter to Alshon Jeffery

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Some of the Eagles enjoyed the media circus of Super Bowl week in Minnesota. Some of them rode roller coasters in the mall and shopped and played along as wacky "reporters" asked wacky questions. 

Alshon Jeffery wasn't one of them. 

"I'm only here for one thing," Jeffery said this week. "I don't care about the fun stuff."

The 27-year-old receiver has waited six years in the NFL to get to this point. Heck, he waited six years just to get into the playoffs. Eventually, he'll take some time to reflect and probably appreciate it more. But for now, he has a laser focus. 

He doesn't care about how many catches he has or if he scores a touchdown; he just wants to win one more game. 

And even though he respects them, Jeffery is not intimidated by Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots' dynasty. 

"That's what we're trying to start in Philly," Jeffery said. "At the same time, they in the way of what we're trying to get. We're trying to get a trophy, man. We're trying to bring this trophy back to Philly for the first time. We're trying to win the Super Bowl. All that dynasty stuff, that s--- don't matter to me.

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"S---. It's time to go get it man. I feel like, s---, [Brady] in the way of where we're trying to get. We came here for one reason. That's to bring that trophy home."

Jeffery has been in Philly for just one season, but it's pretty clear he gets what bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Philly would mean to the city. It would mean a ton for him too. From a couple weeks before the playoffs began, Jeffery has ratcheted up his intensity and focus. He's been selfless all season and he really means it. He doesn't care if he catches a single pass on Sunday, as long as they're celebrating afterward. 

He once predicted a Super Bowl championship before he even became a free agent, before he joined the Eagles and he's now one win way from making it happen. Jeffery said he believed it into existence. 

As far as the Patriots go, they've won five Super Bowls since 2002 and have been the most consistently dominant team of the past 20 years. Of course, in Super Bowl LI, they looked beatable. The Falcons went up 28-3 before Brady and the Pats stormed back for an incredible comeback win. Jeffery saw it. 

"Every year is a new year," he said. "I just know we got our foot on the gas and we're going at they neck. We ain't taking it off."

Jeffery said he doesn't think the Patriots' experience advantage in the big game will matter as much as "want-to." He wants it bad. 

On Sunday, there's a good chance Jeffery will be lined up against Stephon Gilmore, who was his college roommate at South Carolina. He said Gilmore was a good roommate who respected his personal space. The two are still friends but haven't talked this week. As you might imagine, Jeffery wasn't ready for a trip down memory lane this week; he's looking forward to facing Gilmore, but doesn't really care who covers him. 

He doesn't care about anything except getting to hold the Lombardi Trophy late on Sunday night. 

During the week, he played along just a little bit. He was asked to name his favorite Hispanic comedian and couldn't think of George Lopez's name. A couple days later, he seemed to regret that he just couldn't get the answer out. 

Not that he cares that much. 

"Honestly, I just want to play football," Jeffery said. "This is pretty cool, it's a great moment. I probably won't reflect back on all this until after it's over. But I just want to play football." 

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