Michael Bennett's Court Date Pushed Back Again

Michael Bennett's day in court has been pushed back again. 

Bennett's arraignment date for that felony injury to the elderly charge was supposed to be this Thursday at 9:30 a.m., but won't happen now until at least next month. 

The new court date is now June 27, according to court documents. That will allow Bennett to fully participate in the Eagles' spring workouts schedule. The Eagles' mandatory minicamp will end in mid-June and training camp likely won't start until late July. The May 18 court date had already been moved back from April 23, so this whole thing is taking a while.

Bennett's attorney Rusty Bennett says they're now waiting for the state to provide more documents, possibly videos of the alleged incident. 

Bennett, 32, is facing a charge after he allegedly injured a 66-year-old paraplegic female worker last Feb. 5 following Super Bowl LI in Houston. Hardin has strongly defended his client. 

"He just didn't do it," Hardin said to NBC Sports Philadelphia in March (see story).

"I'm just comfortable that it's not him," Hardin continued. "And it's not one of these things that it's my client and he didn't do it. I'm just convinced this guy didn't do it. I told the DA's office I would try to get them everything I can to show you, you have the wrong person."

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The Eagles acquired Bennett in a trade in March. The Eagles and Seahawks both claim they didn't know about the incident. 

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