Giancarlo Stanton Crushes Unprecedented Home Run During Batting Practice at Citizens Bank Park

Giancarlo Stanton is must-see entertainment at any stadium.

Throw him batting practice pitches in Citizens Bank Park, and you've got a show.

That was case in point Tuesday night.

It's no secret the baseball can fly at CBP, especially in the summertime. And it's no secret the 6-foot-6, 245-pound Stanton can send baseballs into orbit when he takes that mammoth swing.

Phillies fans are well aware considering Stanton owns 27 career dingers against the boys in red pinstripes … remember this one with the Planet Hoagie landing?

And if Phillies fans needed a reminder of Stanton's fearsome power, he gave them one with this shot during batting practice. Watch the blast in the video above.

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Have you ever seen a ball hit to that part of Citizens Bank Park?

If there's a guy to do it, it's Stanton. He also crushed one over the batter's eye (also in the video above), which seems like status quo for him.

Now the Phillies will hope to keep Stanton, Aaron Judge and the Yankees in the yard the rest of this series.

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