Curt Schilling: The 700 Level Fans May Be ‘felons for the Most Part But They're Your Felons'

Here's a fun little nugget that took place today up in Boston.

Cut Schilling was a guest on WEEI sports radio’s The Dennis & Callahan show on Wednesday and was talking about the unique atmosphere at baseball games at Fenway Park and how fan expectations can impact a player differently in different cities.

Are expectations of Boston baseball fans simply different than other cities?

“I never felt the things I felt in Boston in other places,” Schilling said.

The topic of Philadelphia fans was brought up, albeit with a pretty bad setup from the host.

“What about Philly fans, they seem like a-holes,” the host says. “If you don’t pitch well, they are going to be on you. There wasn’t pressure to shut those fans up in Philly?”

“That was fun,” Schilling said. “The700Level fans for Eagles games are felons for the most part but they’re your felons. You can get on fans all you want, but that’s one of the reasons some places are so fun to play for. In Philadelphia, you had to have less of a clubhouse presence from a leadership perspective because the fans are going to keep a lot of people in line.”

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The takeaway: some cities have more intelligent fans, some cities have fans who boo, and sometimes booing is a good thing. Listen to the whole chat here.

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